Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge Jan 2009

Now that the new year has come and gone and you are working on your resolutions it is time to take your weight loss efforts to the next level.

The best way to do this is with a group of like minded individuals.I suggest that we all stick to the same eating plan, training plan and social group for 4 weeks and see who loses the most weight.

I shall provide you with the training program and the blog http://weightlosschallengejan2009.blogspot.com/ where we can all meet and talk through our challenges. The only thing that I can not provide you with is the eating plan (copyrights and all, you know), this you will have to get here http://eptsa.lylemcd.hop.clickbank.net/

This is what you need to do to join our weight loss challenge.

1. Email me your name, age, gender and weight.

2. Visit http://eptsa.lylemcd.hop.clickbank.net/to get your rapid fat loss book ($35).

3. Read the book and training plan (which I shall send you) this week.

4. Start the challenge on Monday 19 Jan 2009 with me and all my personal clients.

5. Visit our blog http://weightlosschallengejan2009.blogspot.com/ every day to see how I’m doing and get your questions answered.

6. Stick it out for 4 weeks and let’s see who loses the most weight.

The winner gets a new body, respect, and 3 months worth of training plans from me.

Let’s get to it!

The challenge is on…….

Keep Evolving!

Best Regards

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