Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Revolution - Counter Revolution

After the email I sent regarding planning your nutrition for the week I received an email stating a different option.

Below is your "Counter Revolution" from RD (Richard Delate)

1. Buy a weeks supply of KFC chicken breasts or chicken McNuggets (enough for 2 - 3 servings per meal)

2. Buy and prepare a weeks supply of crisps, chocolates, coke, fanta, beer or even gosh a cocktail or five.

3. Buy a weeks worth of pies, big macs, steers burgers and store them everyday

4. Buy almond frosted croissants, berry pies and mince pies (Christmas pies)

5. Buy white bread, macaroni and cheese, Lasagna; cannelloni, coco or strawberry pops

6. Treat yourself everyday to any meal that you wish to eat - the fattier & oilier it is the better.


Ok there we have it ... bye bye body beautiful and hello to body au naturel!

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