Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A New Beginning

Now that we have all stopped eating and drinking it is time to put tire to road and floor the pedal!

There is no time to make excuses now - it is do or die time!


Lets recap the steps to your success this year
(from a health and fitness perspective of course)

1. Nutrition


2. Exercise

As simple as that! Make sure that you know how many calories of which foods to eat and ensure that you do the correct training programs.

And to make it even easier - GET HOLD OF A PERSONAL TRAINER from Evolution and let us do the thinking/motivating for you!

Naturally there is a lot more to achieving your goals but let us worry about that.

Enjoy the New Year! We are looking forward to seeing many BIG changes out there in Hamburger Land!

God speed.

Warm Regards
(owner and head trainer)

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