Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Double-Edged Sword of Obesity

by Jon Herring

Being overweight is not only a health risk, it can also reduce your motor skills and mental ability. Researchers recently found that, in general, individuals with more abdominal fat and higher blood pressure performed most poorly on both types of tasks.

In other words, obesity can kill your golf game ... and your career ... and YOU at the same time.

To reverse these harmful risk factors ...

1. Be consistent with your exercise program. If you don't exercise regularly right now, begin by participating, several times a week, in an activity you enjoy. Maybe salsa dancing, swimming, or walking. There are lots of ways to burn calories without spending hours in a health club.

2. Reduce your consumption of sugar and starchy foods.

3. Focus on eating whole, natural foods, such as lean proteins (wild salmon, chicken, lean red meat), fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

(Source: International Journal of Obesity)

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